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Councillor Jonathan Bishop is a Cyberstalking expert, with a special interest in Internet trolling and digital addiction.

I am the chief executive officer of Action on Digital Addiction and Cyberstalking, which encourages young and disabled people to stand for election on issues such as cyberstalking, and to encourage sitting politicians to take the issue more seriously.

As a cyberstalking expert, I have advised numerous people about whether actions towards them amount to stalking, through expert reports and conferencing.

It was me that devised the trolling magnitude scale, which can be used to determine whether online conduct amounts to cyber-trolling, which is legal, and cyber-stalking, which is illegal. I also created the term, cyberhickery, to describe those that engage in long-term and sustained online campaigns of harassment and stalking. I am the most published researcher in the world on chatroom bobs, or simply “bobs,” which are Internet users who deceive others for their own personal gain.

I edited the books, “Examining the Concepts, Issues and Implications of Internet Trolling,” and “Psychological and Social Implications Surrounding Internet and Gaming Addiction.”