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You have reached The Official Website of Jonathan Bishop. I am the editor of the book, ‘Examining the Concepts, Issues and Implications of Internet Trolling,’ published by IGI Global.

I founded the Centre for Research into Online Communities and E-Learning Systems in 2005 and I am probably the most published Internet trolling expert and researcher.I have over a dozen peer-reviewed research articles published in the area of Internet trolling. I have also written over 20 letters and op-eds on the trolling since 2011, which have been published in The Guardian, Express, The Sun and I even won Letter of the Week in the Daily Mail. My Internet trolling expertise is regularly called upon by the media, including audiovisual interviews with ITV, the BBC and many other media outlets, including national newspapers.

This is me with the cheque for a book I edited on Internet trolling. Courtesy: Steve Powderhill Photography

Jonathan Bishop is an Internet trolling expert and editor of the book, ‘Examining the Concepts, Issues and Implications of Internet Trolling, published by IGI Global.

My research on Internet trolling spans many disciplines, including cyber criminology, multimedia studies, Internet law and regulation, and media policy. I consider my approach anthropological in that I am more interested in people than technology per se. I am a Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute, having conducted a lot of research in this area.

My opinions on Internet trolling, cyberbullying and related descriptions of Internet abuse and data misuse generally fall more towards free speech than censorship, more towards naming and shaming than criminalising, and I advocate parental and not state-responsibility for managing the protection of young people online.

My Trolling Level on the standard scale is Expert and on the GFP scale it is Authority. I am able to devise new trolling techniques and my research regularly analyses the different types of troll and trolling in relation to the narratives of others.