Journal Papers

  • Jonathan Bishop and Mark Beech (2016). Embodying Trust in the Electoral System: The Role of Delegated Transferable Voting for Increasing Voter Choice and Representation of Small Political Parties in the Digital Age. International Journal of E-Politics, 37-50.
  • Ashu M.G. Solo & Jonathan Bishop (2016). Network Politics and the Arab Spring. International Journal of Civic Engagement and Social Change (3) 1,  23-27.
  • Jonathan Bishop (2015). The role of affective computing and multimedia forensics for proving ‘common law rape’ and ‘delict paternity’ by persistent misusers of e-dating services. The International Journal of Internet Trolling and Online Participation 2(2).
  • Jonathan Bishop (2015). Managing sysop prerogative in Europe through fabris dualism: An agenda for reform of the European Union and Council of Europe. The International Journal of Internet Trolling and Online Participation 2(1).
  • Jonathan Bishop (2014). Dealing with Internet trolling in political online communities: Towards the This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things Scale. International Journal of E-Politics 5(4), 1-20.
  • Jonathan Bishop (2014). Internet trolling and the 2011 UK Riots: The need for a dualist reform of the constitutional, administrative and security frameworks in Great Britain. European Journal of Law Reform 1 (2014), 154-167.
  • Jonathan Bishop (2014). Representations of ‘trolls’ in mass media communication: A review of media-texts and moral panics relating to ‘Internet trolling’. International Journal of Web Based Communities 10(1), 7-24.
  • Jonathan Bishop (2014). The Antisocial Network and ‘Electronic Message Faults’: Prevalence of Troublesome Online Youth Groups and Internet trolling in Great Britain. International Journal of E-Politics 5(3), 1-15.
  • Jonathan Bishop (2014). Viewing Robin Hood and Anonymous as embodiments of non-conformity: A comparative analysis of media-texts used for provoking thoughts of protest, disobedience and idealism. International Journal of Internet Trolling and Online Participation 1(2)
  • Ashu M.G. Solo & Jonathan Bishop (2014). Conceptualizing network politics following the Arab Spring: An African perspective. International Journal of Internet Trolling and Online Participation 1(1), 23-28.
  • Jonathan Bishop (2013). The Art of Trolling Law Enforcement: A Review and Model for implementing ‘flame trolling’ legislation enacted in Great Britain (1981-2012). International Review of Law, Computers and Technology 27(3), 301-318.
  • Jonathan Bishop (2013). The effect of de-individuation of the Internet Troller on Criminal Procedure implementation: An interview with a Hater. International Journal of Cyber Criminology 7(1), 28-48.
  • Jonathan Bishop (2012). Scope and Limitations in the Government of Wales Act 2006 for Tackling Internet Abuses in the Form of ‘Flame Trolling’. Statute Law Review 33 (2), 207-216.
  • Jonathan Bishop (2010). Tough on data misuse, tough on the causes of data misuse: A review of New Labour’s approach to information security and regulating the misuse of digital information (1997–2010). International Review of Law, Computers & Technology 24 (3), 299-303.
  • Jonathan Bishop (2009). Enhancing the understanding of genres of web-based communities:  The role of the ecological cognition framework. International Journal of Web Based Communities 5 (1), 4-17.
  • Jonathan Bishop (2007). Increasing participation in online communities: A framework for human–computer interaction. Computers in Human Behavior 23 (4), 1881-1893.
  • Jonathan Bishop (2003). The Internet for educating individuals with social impairments. Journal of Computer Assisted Learning 19 (4), 546-556.

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